Welcome to Preparing for Surgery. This online course will teach you stress management techniques that are easy to learn and simple to practice. They can help you manage fear, worry and anxiety and can help promote faster healing with less pain or discomfort. These same relaxation practices can be used whenever you feel stress building up in your daily life.

At different points throughout this site you will have three options on how to learn the material:

Part I covers all the basics to give you a good understanding of how stress management benefits your health.

Part II provides two online training sessions, one before surgery and one after surgery, with Aurora Ocampo, RN, MA, the clinical nurse specialist who developed this program at Beth Israel Medical Center.

Part III presents patients' stories about practicing relaxation work before and after surgery. You'll also learn why doctors and nurses recommend this program for their patients who are having surgery.

While each section stands on its own, if this is your first experience of relaxation training, you may want to look at our Introduction section to get some background on how and why it can help you prepare for and recover from surgery.